Junior Classics

“The purpose of The Junior Classics is to provide, in ten volumes containing about five thousand pages, a classified collection of tales, stories, and poems, both ancient and modern, suitable for boys and girls of from six to sixteen years of age”

The book series is in the public domain – which means there are lower cost and “free” versions available. I’ve made the effort to do some slight editing – e.g. using a large “readable font” and a “functional” Table of Contents – which greatly improves the reading experience over a simple text file.

B&N publishes the “dead tree book” – again the difference with my version is that the page count is higher (due to the larger, more readable font), so the price might be a little higher (B&N gets most of the money)

If you don’t own a “Nook” tablet there are applications in the App store that will let you use your Android tablet or Apple device ….

Volume 1 – Fairy and Wonder Tales

Volume 2 – Folk Tales and Myths

Volume 3 – Tales From Greece and Rome

Volume 3 – Tales From Greece and Rome (paperback)

Volume 4 – Heroes and Heroines of Chivalry

Volume 5 – Stories That Never Grow Old

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